Live Tournaments

Do you want stats? Contests? Competitions? Prizes? DO YOU WANT IT ALL?

You want LIVE – Golden Tee Golf at its finest!

Play Golden Tee LIVE and get the most from the game!

Golden Tee LIVE pits video golfers across the world in head-to-head contests for cash Prizes or Glory. For the first time ever, players can also track their accomplishments online without the stress of a leaderboard in Stats Play.  From the comfort of their local taverns and restaurants, thousands of players can play LIVE and compete simultaneously while scores are updated universally, hole-by-hole.

More than 20 years later, the virtual golfing franchise is stronger than ever in the form of Golden Tee 2011. All the features players have grown accustomed to playing over the past few years return, while some exciting additions make their way into the fold.

Players now have the option to upload and save any shot they take to YouTubeâ„¢. On top of that, 2011 has been molded to give the golfer the control. The arsenal of virtual equipment has been completely overhauled and Golden Tees make their GT debut, giving players the opportunity to control their tee box options for the first time in the franchise’s history.

American Amusement with participation from each location has been running contests for over 3 years. Stay tuned to this website for up to date tournament locations and league information in your area!