Touchscreen Games

American Amusement can help you find the touch screen game you are looking for. Contact us for details and questions about touchscreen countertop arcades.

JVL touch screen entertainment machines are state-of-the-art and a leader of the touch screen industry. The JVL Retro, Encore and Vortex countertops, and the Orion upright, are revolutionary products that incorporate perimeter lighting, Flash memory technology, the Power Pad, a 17″ game monitor and innovative security features. These elements accompanied by the newest software release iTouch10, make these the most desired machines in the market today.  With the hottest new games, and amazing gameplay, these are unsurpassed machines.
The JVL Encore, JVL Retro, and the JVL Vortex are designed to allow for easy collection and simple service access. The coin boxes have an especially large capacity – to help collect your profit.  Call or email us  for help deciding which countertop touch screen will best suite your needs.

Megatouch is considered one of the worlds leaders in touch-screen entertainment. This company specializes in packing endless adventure into a single gaming machine.

Over 150 addictive titles that players ask for by name, titles that keep your cashbox full and deliver the ROI you want. Innovative game play, interactive advertising opportunities, tournament play, and tons more on the sweetest-looking cabinets in the business. Megatouch – over five billion plays per year can’t be wrong.

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